Our Team

Dean Marjanovic


A serial entrepreneur, Dean has led multiple projects in licensed managed investments in the form of Managed Discretionary Accounts (MDAs) and wholesale Managed Investment Schemes, focused on foreign exchange markets & global equity markets respectively. Dean’s deep understanding of financial markets, coupled with a strategic mindset, effective management style, a strong network of investors and conviction in the merit of DeFi positions him well to lead the Gennix team toward realising the company’s vision.

Keefe Tan

Project Director

Keefe is a crypto enthusiast with experience in the fields on Economics, Finance, Blockchain, Marketing and Technology. Keefe has upwards 5 years experience in digital assets and their integration in society, with experience in the fields of DeFi advisory, project management, OTC transactions, Central Bank Digital Currencies, NFTs, and various other DeFi applications.

ting profile 1

Ting Yuen

Head of IT

More than 20 years spent professionally in the IT industry, including managing development projects for Australia’s largest bank, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Taking on the role of CTO at Lex Exchange in 2017, Ting successfully transitioned from the traditional world of finance to Web 3.0 where he led the development of a prominent Australian digital asset exchange between 2017-20. Recognising the emerging opportunity in DeFi and how his experience and network was well positioned to capitalise on the opportunity,], Ting co-founded Gennix.

Haribabu Mandapalli

Lead Blockchain Developer

Haribabu has 13 years of professional working experience in software development from diverse industries – from banking, cryptocurrency to retail. Being the lead consultant and senior developer in companies such as the Commonwealth Bank, TCS and HCL, Hari is well equipped to handle a wide range of technical projects for the team.

Celilsemi Sam Erkiner

Lead Technical Development

Sam is an award-winning web and hybrid software engineer specializing in serverless cross-device solutions. With more than 11 years of engineering experience, he was involved in the development of more than 35 mobile applications and many web-based applications. In addition to Sam’s paid work assignments, his entrepreneurial spirit has led him to run and lead his own startups, BookByt.es, Feather, and RE-MINT.

Sam’s technical expertise will make it easy for Gennix to build a strong framework and achieve excellence on its platform.

Dang Tran

Senior Developer

Dang is an accomplished full-stack developer with a specialisation in cryptocurrency and crypto trading. He has more than 16 years of experience in IT in banking, retail and video technology. In his years of work, Dang has led many software engineering projects across various industries including the Reserve Bank of Australia, David Jones and Brightcove.

Steven Yuan

Senior Technical Analyst

Steven’s effervescent nature has proved him well as he has amassed a wealth of knowledge in the field of Information Systems and Business Analysis. He specialises in the analysis of technical systems designs and business models which has helped provide system improvement and efficiency enhancement to a multitude of projects. He has explored various roles within the finance and telecommunications companies including Lex Exchange and TPG Telecom.

Jeevika Makani

Operational Risk Analyst

Jeevika is an excellent business leader with more than 8 years of experience working in a variety of industries such as finance, capital lending and sharing economy in Australia, Southeast Asia, East Africa and the UK. Having an MBA from INSEAD, her extensive knowledge of strategy, operations, and risk management give the team an overall advantage in creating the latest solutions in a P2P decentralized economy.

Richard Garnett

Technical Specialist

Richard is a high profile marketing and technical specialist for various decentralization projects. He has earned a reputation as a skilled strategist working as a trusted advisor for several DeFi and exchange initiatives in Asia and Australia.