Advanced DeFi solutions for the BNB Smart Chain

Lending | Staking | DEX | Multichain-Swap

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Full scope DeFi offering

Access all your DeFi needs on one platform


Supply the Gennix Protocol with (accepted) BNB Smart Chain tokens and earn APY’s.


Supplying collateral to the platform allows you to borrow from a choice of major tokens at market rate APR’s.


Earn G-Tokens by supplying the platform. G-Tokens can be staked to receive Gennix tokens (GNNX). A two-way rewards system with high APY’s.


Stake GNNX tokens and share in a percentage of all fees generated by the Gennix Protocol. Fees are paid monthly in BNB.


Trade BNB Smart Chain tokens on Gennix DEX and enjoy low fees, deep liquidity along with quick access.

Multi-chain Swap

Our Multi-Chain capability will include multiple layer 1 chains, which enables users to access seamless swaps of different blockchain based tokens.

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The Gennix APP

Full scope DeFi offering

A full range of DeFi services conveniently available through one application, offering lending, borrowing, DEX, Farming, Staking and Multichain-swap all from an intuitively designed UI. Connect your wallet to get started straight away.

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